Camp Run-A-Mutt Franchise Opportunities

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Ready for a change?
If you’re a real dog lover, owning a Camp Run-A-Mutt® could be just the change you’re looking for. Think about the happiness and joy your dog gives you. Now multiply that times, let’s say, sixty! Now imagine that gratification not only being part of your daily life but your career too! This attitude is what drives us and has made Camp Run-A-Mutt® such a successful and fast-growing business.

Why Camp Run-A-Mutt?
We offer a proven, successful system combined with higher values and standards for pet care. Gone are the days where dogs are dropped off and led into a “spacious” cage… it’s still a cage. Camp Run-A-Mutt® is a resort style dog daycare and boarding business for the socialized dog, offering fun and exercise for K9 companions in a safe, supervised atmosphere.

Your success is important to us and our brand so getting your doors open and filled with pups is the primary goal. We know what it takes to make this business work and the positive word of mouth has made our business a booming success.

Who we’re looking for:
First and foremost, are you a true dog lover?
You know you are when you’re sure the dog in the car next to you is smiling at you and you wave hoping his owner doesn’t notice! We’re looking for people who share the same love and passion for animals. This is what makes this business fun because when your heart is in what you do success comes naturally.

Are you not only a dog lover but a people person?
Owning a Camp Run-A-Mutt® is far more than just running a business. It’s becoming an important connection between your customers and their dogs. To most people their dogs are their kids and making that connection is both rewarding and invaluable to your customers.

Have you always wanted to make a living doing what you love?
How about waking up each morning and jumping out of bed instead of wishing it were your day off? For the right person, this business is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Are you a leader and want to build something of your own where you can step back and look at what YOU have accomplished with an incredible sense of pride? This is truly that opportunity.

Do you have a great work ethic and expect the same of people around you?
While we feel this is a great investment and opportunity, we’re not looking for someone to sit on the sidelines and “bark” orders. This is for the take-charge, hands-on kind of person who is passionate about what they do.

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Barkefellers Franchise Opportunities

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Are you looking for franchise opportunities that offer a profitable business concept while providing services your community wants and needs? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for animals? Owning your own Barkefellers might just be the right fit. Our award-winning upscale pet hotels offer:

About Barkefellers
When Rick and Christi Coffey decided to open an upscale pet hotel in Indianapolis, they began as any good project begins, with research from nose to tail. As longtime pet owners always seeking the best for their own pampered pets, they thought something was missing in the marketplace. Rick and Christi traveled across the country to visit upscale pet care facilities and took notes along the way. Barkefellers is the result: the best of what they saw combined with the pieces that were missing. Barkefellers soon became a family affair as the Coffey’s grown children, Amanda, Kyle, Jordan, and Krista Beth, became part of the organization. Their Schnauzers, Max and Emma, are always eager to help too. Barkefellers has emerged in the pet care market, and the Coffeys are ready to add new family members via pet franchise opportunities. This is the best of both worlds: a singular brand with the Barkefellers system and credibility, plus the local control of dedicated franchisees. Pet owners will not sit-and-stay much longer… they need Barkefellers!

Our Motto
We treat our guests with the same affection and care that we would want our own pets to receive.

In addition to immaculate, comfortable suites, multiple visits to private outdoor potty yards, and twice-daily room service, our guests can expect plenty of personal attention from our staff. They can also expect daily activities designed to keep both mind and body happy and healthy for the length of their stay.

‘Best in Show’ Credibility
Customers in the local market where we began – Indianapolis, Indiana – have voted us Best-In-Show!

“Best Boarding” multiple years, The Indy A-List
“Best Groomers” multiple years, The Indy A-List
“Best Doggy Day Care” multiple years, The Indy A-List
“Super Service Award” Angie’s List
4.5 stars on Yelp

Five Good Reasons to Partner with Us
1. A Growing & Profitable Industry – You are choosing a concept within a fast-growing, recession-proof industry as indulgent pet parents drive increasing demand for premium pet care services. Barkefellers is positioned to capitalize on our customers’ desire to pamper their furry family members and our mission is to make sure they receive the best possible care while staying with us.

2. Four Complementary Businesses – You recognize the advantages of owning and operating four complementary businesses (and four streams of revenue) under one roof: Dog and Cat Lodging, Doggy Day Care, Pet Grooming, and Obedience Training.

3. Technological & Marketing Expertise – You inherit the marketing and technological expertise of an established organization and a seasoned team. Our marketing program doesn’t just help you in marketing your individual unit, but also strengthens the Barkefellers brand and promotes the pet care services industry as a whole. With an active social media presence, a user-friendly website, and strong search engine optimization (SEO) program, Barkefellers is focused on developing an ever-stronger internet presence and a brand that is highly visible to buyers searching the web.

4. Partner with Seasoned Pet Care Pros – You benefit by partnering with experienced, successful pet care professionals who own and operate their own corporate stores. You’ll have access to a team who’ve experienced almost every situation you’ll encounter and will be a lifeline for answers and helpful, practical advice. We ‘taste our own cooking’ and ‘eat, sleep and breathe this business’ each and every day.

5. Train with Experienced Management – You are trained and supported by a Barkefellers management team whose philosophy is a powerful combination of active support and constant nurturing of their franchisees and affiliates.

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Superior Mosquito Defense Franchise Opportunities

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Own your own business! If you have a passion for the outdoors, ridding homes and neighborhoods of annoying mosquitoes and a keen business sense, we’d love for you to join our Superior Mosquito Defense team, as a franchisee.

Low Initial Investment – Our franchise fee is
favorable compared to other mosquito franchises.

Marketing – You will receive a dedicated ongoing marketing support team to aid in the development and implementation of your marketing plan.

Time – Your business could be up and running in as little as a few weeks.

Support – You will receive training and continued support from the entire experienced team at the Superior Mosquito Defense corporate office as well as Superior Mosquito Defense franchise owners.

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Mosquito Shield Franchise Opportunities

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The Mosquito Shield Franchise Opportunities Program
Since 2001, Mosquito Shield has been providing residential and commercial customers with professional mosquito & pest control services—with amazing results. In fact, over 90% of our corporate location customers request repeat service, year after year.

Every Mosquito Shield franchise is built for success, on a foundation of proprietary resources and know-how.

Best of all, the Mosquito Shield franchise opportunities allows you to bring a unique, exciting business approach and guaranteed customer results to a new and rapidly growing market of pest control.

If you own your own business, or have always wanted to own a business franchise, Mosquito Shield’s franchise opportunities give you the chance to call the shots and grow your business with the assurance of market-tested products and a winning team behind you. Our mosquito control solutions have been solving our clients insect problems for years.

Mosquito Shield is an industry leader for residential mosquito control. Our season-long Guaranteed Protection Plan and our one-time Special Event Treatments deliver results that few competitors can match. Plus our business franchise opportunities prove the market is growing along with our company! Join us for a lucrative, exciting future with your very own business franchise.

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Grooming Lounge Franchise Opportunities

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Grooming Lounge opened its first destination in Washington, D.C. in 2002. The first shop of its kind to offer a full array of upscale hair, shaving and men’s spa services in a decidedly masculine and professional atmosphere, Grooming Lounge was a media and consumer darling from “go.”

Word of mouth of Grooming Lounge’s exemplary service levels, consumer experience and first-rate business practices spread quickly and the company opened another destination in Northern Virginia in 2006. Along the way there have been dozens upon dozens of franchise inquiries, but now the company has perfected its craft enough to offer franchisees a time-tested and replicable formula for grooming and business success.

The Men’s Grooming market is the fastest growing segment of the professional beauty industry. The Grooming Lounge was and is a pioneer in this market.
• Over the last decade, dozens of “entry level” barbershops have expanded and succeeded. Grooming Lounge is considered an affordable luxury and professional and affluent men are looking for a higher-level retreat where they can have an “experience” while feeling comfortable, respected and pampered.
• The Grooming Lounge name is synonymous with upscale men’s grooming and men’s grooming services nationwide. Nobody garners more media attention for our stores, products and web site.
• Most major markets have a void in an area Grooming Lounge can clearly and nicely fill.
• It’s a fun business. Hang out with upscale men, get pampered, look sharp, exchange business ideas, war stories and be recognized as a place in the community where men “aspire” to get their groom on.
• We know what we’re doing. No one offers or has perfected the combination of out-of-this-world technical and customer service the way Grooming Lounge has.

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V’s Barbershop Franchise Opportunities

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When Jim Valenzuela “V” opened the first V’s Barbershop & Shoeshine in 1999, he simply wanted an old fashioned barbershop to take his son for a haircut and to enjoy the barbershop tradition as he had with his father…

But what he found was something quite extraordinary — a demand for an authentic, upscale, stylish yet traditional men’s grooming establishment.

Word-of-mouth spread quickly among Phoenix’s affluent. He had hit on something that was not only unique and desirable, but also a replicable formula for success.

Since opening V’s, many people have inquired about franchising the concept. Knowing that most of America lacked a well done authentic barbershop, V developed the V’s concept into one that could be opened in markets where men desire a first class grooming experience of their own. V’s now offers a franchise opportunity to select individuals who have the passion and commitment to spread the V’s brand of authenticity, quality and excellence that will allow for sustainable and profitable growth.

  • V’s Barbershop opened its first shop in 1999 and sold its first franchise in 2005.
  • V’s has classic barbershops located across the country.
  • V’s has locations coming soon in the following additional markets: Tucson, Denver, San Diego County, California, Orlando, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Chino Hills and Orange County, California.
  • V’s Barbershops are upscale venues that resonate with successful men who value appearance and take pride in their grooming habits. There is no “quick cut” or beauty salon feel to any V’s Barbershop.
  • While no business is immune to a recession, V’s fares better than most since gentlemen still have to groom for their professions, and hair keeps growing!
  • While it’s a simple business to operate, V’s, like any other business, will benefit from your engagement during start up. After your business is established, you should have ample time to pursue additional opportunities, or step away from day-to-day operations if you choose to.
  • The initial franchise fee is $30,000 for a 10-year term with an option to renew. This fee is $27,000 for each subsequent unit, or if you have been honorably discharged from the US Armed Forces.
  • Additional multi-unit purchase programs are available with reduced franchise fees.
  • Royalties are 5% of Gross Sales up to $500,000 then 2 1/2% of Gross Sales above $500,000.
  • Reduced royalties are available for multi-unit purchases.
  • The advertising fee is 3% of Gross Sales.
  • Your initial investment will vary by geographic region and shop size, but is estimated to range between $194,450 and $352,875. This includes all costs to open a V’s — the franchise fee listed above, the real estate and build-out costs, operating expenses for the first 3 months—everything including the barber sink.
  • Not a single V’s Barbershop Franchise has ever closed.

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Roosters Men’s Grooming Center Franchise Opportunities

By franchise

Roosters Men’s Grooming Center provides an authentic barbershop experience in a modern, upscale, and unpretentious environment. Our focus is on delivering consistent, exceptional service, and providing men an escape from their busy lives.

Clients arriving at Roosters step back in time to the quality and tradition of the classic men’s barbershop. Our expert barbers and stylists create an experience that is second to none. The unique focus of Roosters is on taking the time to meet the individual needs of each and every client, every time they walk through the door.

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Wee Little Arts Franchise Opportunities

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Voices that are being silenced in our nation’s schools as budgets are slashed and programs cancelled. Our highly acclaimed supplemental program stimulates imagination, encourages self-confidence while having fun, and develops skills that have been proven to benefit future academic performance and personal endeavor. For over a decade, Wee Little Arts has been fostering and nurturing the creative voices of children.

Our first priority is providing a rock-solid educational experience for each of our students and encouraging the development of skills that will benefit them in their future academic and personal endeavors. It is also why parents and school administrators rave about the program and students return year after year to participate in each unique course. Using art history and age-appropriate children’s literature, students are exposed to a wide range of visual art concepts as guided by the detailed curriculum. By offering a valuable enrichment to a child’s academic development, Wee Little Arts has proven itself to be a recession-proof home-based business that parents prioritize even in a down economy.

The Wee Little Arts program is broken into four sessions that build upon each other to develop a full range of training in the visual arts. Students are exposed to a variety of safe, high quality materials, which are utilized in the process of creation to foster their imagination and encourage them to utilize their critical thinking skills. Using art history and age-appropriate children’s literature, students are also exposed to a wide range of visual art concepts. Introduction to descriptive vocabulary, training in the use of various artistic media and exercises to develop imaginative and creative ability are only some of the wonderful things the children experience.

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SuperTots Sports Academy Franchise Opportunities

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SuperTots Sports Academy® (SuperTots) is the premier child development company in the United States, using sports to teach children key motor and coordination skills. The SuperTots family of brands offers national recognition and a proven curriculum while providing you with a dependable and rewarding business. Through the SuperTots system, you will reach children at one of the most impressionable stages of their lives and focus on important issues such as physical development, physical awareness, coordination and motor skills in a fun, engaging environment.

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Minuteman Press: Beyond the Red Tape of a Small Business Association Loan

By franchise

The Small Business Association (SBA) is a U.S. government agency designed to provide support to small businesses and entrepreneurs and identify its activities in a three word summary – capital, contracts and counseling. Yet, those familiar with it mainly associate SBA as a source of financing for entrepreneurs, especially when easier options are limited. Its mission is to “maintain and strengthen the nation’s economy by enabling the establishment of small businesses and by assisting in the economic recovery of communities after disaster.”

Due to its infamously tedious and sometimes downright frustrating system of processing loans, it is most often not the first choice of motivated entrepreneurs with strong credit and other options, especially new franchisees lucky enough to have mentorship in this area. Still, strong-willed small business owners have the use of their resources as a tool to get themselves started and from there have moved on to create their own versions of the classic pursuit of the American Dream.

Financing though SBA can mean extra hoop-jumping to get what you need

Even though the federal government has cut the SBA budget and during the 1990s they even looked into eliminating the agency, it is still around. The guarantee it offers gives a cushion to banks to accommodate those who need longer repayment periods and to approve loans. So, if you are in a position that necessitates obtaining a loan with lower payments and a longer term or if you do not have a substantial operating history nor adequate collateral, Small Business Association loans may be worth your time. But the truth remains that the maze of paperwork and other requirements that qualify as lots of red tape still plague SBA loans to the point where many small business owners credit the agency with the appearance of more than one gray hair on their heads.

You could go through the entire SBA financing jungle gym only to discover that you still have not satisfied their need for proof of required cash flow for one of their more popular options, the 7(a) loan. If you are intent on SBA as a route to business ownership, you want to take a peek at their SBA Express program, asking you to guarantee half the loan’s value and promising a 36 hour turnaround, but the caveat is that the maximum loan amount is only a patch of what the pesky-to-pursue 7(a) provides. You will need to weigh all of your options to decide if this government agency is still the one for which you want to hold your hungry entrepreneurial breath in terms of financing.

The stress-reducing assistance of a franchisor helps ease business owners’ burdens, even with financing

If you happen to be excited about a franchise opportunity, set yourself up with a franchisor who has experience helping its franchisees during the early stages and that includes financing. There are many options that can be favorable to your particular needs and a reputable franchisor will help you find them. For instance, Ron Rubin, Regional Vice President in the New England Region for Minuteman Press International, assists new franchise owners traverse the path to their grand openings on all fronts, including the challenge of financing their franchises.

Ron offers just one of his preferred options that are far-less stress inducing than an SBA route, explaining, “If you have a retirement fund (401K, IRA, etc.), my favorite method of funding is a ERSOP (Entrepreneur Rollover Stock Option Plan). This IRS approved plan allows you to access your retirement funds without paying taxes at that time – and they do not issue any penalties. There is a one-time fee and annual filing fees but both are usually less than the cost of a conventional loan and there are no interest or payback requirements. SD Cooper is one of the companies with an approved plan.” SD Cooper is a company that works with your accountant and attorney and as you receive your information up front and deal directly with tax and pension specialists, the process to actually get the money you need can be relatively smooth.

SBA loans can be a springboard to success when options are slim, but the world of business loans is bigger and expanding options offer smoother rides to the prize of financing – more so than many might realize

As some franchise owners have used the Small Business Association loans as a path to getting their ventures up and running, some have gone on to expand their successes into additional locations, deciding that SBA took too much time and energy. One such story is told by Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President, Jim Galasso (NY/NJ/CT): “When Ron and Sandi Burlakoff bought their Minuteman franchise back in 2003 they decided to go through the SBA. The Small Business Association procedure required them to apply at their local bank first that was an SBA lender before the government would guarantee the loan with the bank.”

Jim continues, “Since the SBA has prequalified all of the Minuteman Press documentation, the Burlakoffs would have to submit all their financials to be approved for this government granted loan. The paperwork was endless but Ron is persistent so he continued to complete all the SBA forms. It was many months later that he finally received the funds to purchase his Minuteman Press. Turns out, as deliberate and persistent as he was in obtaining the SBA loan he was more so in focusing on growing the business that he bought. Today, Ron’s East Haven Connecticut franchise is in the top 10% sales producing stores in all the Minuteman franchise system.”

Jim notes the tremendous growth that Ron and his wife, Sandi, initiated after the eventuality that SBA approved the loan for their first location and how it was tiresome enough that when they became multi-unit franchise owners, they elected to team up with their franchisor for …read more FRANCHISE NEWS


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