Camp Run-A-Mutt Franchise Opportunities

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Ready for a change?
If you’re a real dog lover, owning a Camp Run-A-Mutt® could be just the change you’re looking for. Think about the happiness and joy your dog gives you. Now multiply that times, let’s say, sixty! Now imagine that gratification not only being part of your daily life but your career too! This attitude is what drives us and has made Camp Run-A-Mutt® such a successful and fast-growing business.

Why Camp Run-A-Mutt?
We offer a proven, successful system combined with higher values and standards for pet care. Gone are the days where dogs are dropped off and led into a “spacious” cage… it’s still a cage. Camp Run-A-Mutt® is a resort style dog daycare and boarding business for the socialized dog, offering fun and exercise for K9 companions in a safe, supervised atmosphere.

Your success is important to us and our brand so getting your doors open and filled with pups is the primary goal. We know what it takes to make this business work and the positive word of mouth has made our business a booming success.

Who we’re looking for:
First and foremost, are you a true dog lover?
You know you are when you’re sure the dog in the car next to you is smiling at you and you wave hoping his owner doesn’t notice! We’re looking for people who share the same love and passion for animals. This is what makes this business fun because when your heart is in what you do success comes naturally.

Are you not only a dog lover but a people person?
Owning a Camp Run-A-Mutt® is far more than just running a business. It’s becoming an important connection between your customers and their dogs. To most people their dogs are their kids and making that connection is both rewarding and invaluable to your customers.

Have you always wanted to make a living doing what you love?
How about waking up each morning and jumping out of bed instead of wishing it were your day off? For the right person, this business is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Are you a leader and want to build something of your own where you can step back and look at what YOU have accomplished with an incredible sense of pride? This is truly that opportunity.

Do you have a great work ethic and expect the same of people around you?
While we feel this is a great investment and opportunity, we’re not looking for someone to sit on the sidelines and “bark” orders. This is for the take-charge, hands-on kind of person who is passionate about what they do.

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