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The idea, that is Goldfish Swim School, was founded in 2005. Jenny and Chris McCuiston took a concept that they formulated with nearly two years of research, and cultivated a business that provides results in the learn to swim environment that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Their proprietary curriculum and systems were developed after traveling the country in search of the “best practices” to teach babies and young children how to swim.

The first corporate store, in Birmingham Michigan, opened in 2006, and quickly saw success. Opening its doors with over 500 students at inception, Goldfish currently teaches over 12,000 students per month company wide.

After establishing a solid foundation, Goldfish started to receive a lot of inquiry’s about their expansion efforts; people wanted to get involved in the growth of the company. It was at the beginning of 2008, that it made sense to begin the franchising process. We got together with our lawyers, attorney’s, business consultants, family and others to start to put the pieces together to make Goldfish Swim School a franchise friendly business.

Franchise Development Team

Chris McCuiston – CEO

Chris has been with Goldfish Swim School Franchising since the inception of the Franchise Business. Chris graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Finance. Chris is responsible for the overall culture and big picture ideas within the organization. He takes a look at the business from every angle and analyzes how it can perform better and cut costs wherever possible. The most important facet of the business is that lessons are always the best that they can be, and also that customer service is at the top of its class. In his spare-time, Chris enjoys golfing, traveling to tropical locations and relaxing with his family.

Andrew McCuiston – VP

Andrew has also been with Goldfish since its inception. He graduated from the University of Denver with a Finance and Marketing degree. Andrew is in charge of the franchise qualification and award process. He also oversaw the start-up of the very first Goldfish Franchise, and continues to service and maintain consistencies throughout the franchise system. He helped to develop many of the systems that are used today, and is consistently looking for new and improved ways to run the business more efficiently. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys helicopter skiing, traveling and watching his nephews grow up.

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